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Filtering and sorting tables

To filter and sort the table contents, use the fields in its header (where you enter your requests) and the Apply button - see the following figure:

The application does not remember the filter and/or sort settings for a long time - as soon as you leave the table and display it again it is displayed without the previously applied filters/sorting.
If you move the mouse pointer over the yellow icon, a short help is displayed.



By applying a filter, you select only the rows that match your entry in the header.
To set a filter, type the appropriate expression in the field above the column whose content you wish to filter, and press Apply. To cancel the filter, clear the field above the column and press Apply.
The filter is case insensitive.
These rules apply to the filter expressions:

You can either construct the expression using wildcards:

Or use the following operators:

General principles:


Using wildcards
a%Everything that begins with the letter a (AST, amylase, ...)
%sEverything that ends s (s, S, ketones, nitrites, ...)
%crp%Everything containing crp (crp, CRP, CRP-hs, hsCRP, ...)
b%dEverything starts with b and ends with d (blood, Blood, bad, ...)
_Any single character (a, b, 1, +, X, ...)
c_cc, then 1 arbitrary character and finally c (c1c, c3c...)
2016-12-14%The day 14.12.2016 (any time)
2016-02-%Any day in February 2016
Use of operators
>10Greater than 10
>=10Greater than or equal to 10
!=phEverything except "ph", "pH", "Ph", "PH"
!=100Not equal to 100
=1Searches text "=1"!
If you want to search for number 1, just write number 1 without the equal sign!
in(1,10,20)The value that is in the list (i.e. 1 or 10 or 20)



To sort a table by a particular column, type one in the sort box above that column and press Apply.

If you want to sort by multiple columns, enter serial numbers in the sort fields above these columns to determine the order of the columns by which the table will be sorted.

The standard sort is in ascending order (from smallest to largest). If you type a number in the sort box and then - (minus), the order will be descending.

To cancel sorting, clear the numbers in the sort fields and press the button Apply.

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