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This menu item allows you to view the contact details of the participant's workplace. SEKK maintains up to 3 addresses for each participant:

The participant can view the data from the SEKK's database and, if an item requires update, can send a request for change to SEKK. The participants are not authorised to change the data in the database directly. Instead, they send requests to SEKK that SEKK reviews and processes (e.g. modifies the database).
If any participant manages multiple workplaces (e.g. detached workplaces) they may request SEKK (by e-mail) to appoint them as a group administrator. Then they can check the addresses and send the requests for address changes of all members of the group to SEKK.
Addresses A2 and A3 can be shared by different participants - SEKK controls address sharing.


The list of the users appears in the table that contains:

Each table row holds these buttons:

Additionally the button New record located in the table header is available to the user spravce and serves to add new user.

If only one person cares about the data processing in the app Cibule you can use the account of the spravce for these purposes without any problem. The spravce must only change its password (it is not possible to use generic password for the routine work) and set up personal data.

For larger departments certain "division of workload" may be useful. For example, you might want to add more users to Cibule as follows:

Note: To find grouping of the EQA programmes please see the EQA Plan.

This task should be easily solved by adding new users to the list and assigning relevant permissions to them.
As a username (login name) you can enter any string (at least 3 characters). Cibule will not let you create 2 users whose login names differ only in case (e.g. John and john).
Username cannot be changed later (not even by spravce). If you need to change the login name of any user, you must delete them and create new user.

As follows from the previous text the user spravce has a privileged position. This means that:

It is worth to note that the user spravce has nothing to do with the name of the person printed in the EQA reports (confirmation of attendance etc.). It may or may not be the same person.

Application Cibule
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