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New participant

Use this menu item to send a request to add a new participant to the EQA.
The function guides the user in several steps to create a request and after confirming it sends the request to the SEKK.
The behaviour of this function slightly depends on whether it is started by an not logged-in or logged-in user.

Not logged-in user must fill in all required data (it is a brand new participant).
Logged-in user has a new participant data form filled in with their own identification data and only makes necessary changes (it is assumed that the logged-in participant wants to include another part of his workplace in the EQA and that many of the identification data will match).

SEKK will review the request and, if it meets the requirements placed on EQA participants, creates a new participant account in the application Cibule and sends them login data.

Application Cibule
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