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If you want to work with the application Cibule, you must log in first. In Cibule there is implicitly created for each EQA participant the user spravce, which is assigned a generic password (for the first login). You will receive the data necessary for the first login from SEKK.
You must change the generic password to your own password!
If you ordered an additional evaluation (V+), user spravce with the same generic password exists for all your derived codes.

User identification

In Cibule the user is identified by 3 entries:

All 3 items above are case sensitive!

Example: If you enter a new user Tom into the system, the user has to log in using the name Tom (with a capital T) - any other alternative will be rejected.

For additional information, see Setup.

Time limitation of the access

Maximum logon time in Cibule is limited (the time is shown on the screen before login). If this time is exceeded, the system will automatically log you out. If necessary, you can log in again and continue to work.

Application Cibule
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