Web application Cibule

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Technical requirements


Cibule has no special requirements to your computer. Cibule does not save or install any programs, plugins, scripts, ActiveX controls etc.


We recommend always to use a current version of the browser. To run Cibule the browser must meet 2 basic conditions:

If both conditions are not fulfilled the log in menu item does not appear in Cibule.

Cibule was tested on recent versions of commonly available browsers (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome). However, since the number of combinations of operating systems, browsers, various plug-ins, antivirus, antispyware and other security programs is huge, we will be grateful if you notify us about atypical behaviour of Cibule in a particular situation.
Problems of outdated browsers, however, will be not solved.

Internet connection

Cibule makes no extremely large data transfers between the user and the server. Still, we do not recommend running this application on a very slow connection (e.g. dialup) because your job could easily evolve into misery.

Application Cibule
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