Web application Cibule - user guide

Why Cibule?

Each application (computer program) has a name, and this one is named Cibule (which is Czech name for Onion). This name holds two important characteristics of this application:

  1. It contains layers, which should simplify its usage (prevent annoying you with functions that you do not need at the moment).
  2. Similar to onion it is not possible to work with this application too long - time of continuous user logon is limited.

We do hope that you will enjoy application Cibule.


Cibule is a Web application that is used to communicate with EQA participants, in particular to enter (input) the results of tests carried out in the EQA rounds. Results are entered by the users - EQA participants - themselves. Results can be entered in the time frame of appropriate EQA round (i.e. from the time of sample dispatch to deadline date). In this period of time you can enter results at any time, you can review already entered results and check (or correct) them up to the midnight of the day of the deadline.
We recommend you to become familiar with the contents of this help before starting the work with Cibule.
If you are really in a hurry, read at the least the paragraph Absolute minimum - Cibule in a nutshell below on this page.
Language that the application uses to communicate with the user is set in 2 steps:


  1. Basic technical requirements
  2. Security and data protection
  3. Login, logout, time limitation of the access, and forgotten password
  4. Entering the results of EQA tests - general rules
  5. Setup
  6. Requests
  7. Mother and derived codes (additional evaluation)
  8. Questions and answers
  9. Version history of Cibule

Absolute minimum - Cibule in a nutshell

This paragraph is intended for the users whose time is precious, so they are unable to read entire help (although it is very brief). Thus we strongly recommend reading and understanding of this basic minimum at least.

Application Cibule
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