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Qualitative results

Cibule processes semi quantitative results the same way as a qualitative results.

You enter qualitative results by selecting it from a list that Cibule will offer to you. It is not possible to supplement or change this list. So if Cibule offers you, for example, the following options:

Not specified
Inconclusive result (borderline)

and you will select the result "Not specified" and you will write the note on the round that your result for test X and the sample Y was "Strong positive", this note will be not taken into account and the result "Not specified" will be processed.

Please do not confuse the terms Not specified and Negative! If you enter Not specified as a result, it means "the result was not determined; we have not done the prove; the result is not available to us". Conversely, Negative result means "we made a test with a negative result". So if you perform the test with a negative result, it is a fundamental mistake to leave Not specified in the result field - you must explicitly choose Negative!

Usually you may provide one qualitative result for one test and sample (in other words: qualitative result consists of one item). But in some test you can specify more items of the qualitative result. Here are some examples:

In these cases you will use (select) only the items you need, and in the remaining items you will leave the text "Not specified".
Example: If you prove only lambda-free in the sample, you have to select individual items of the qualitative result in a way that shows the following picture:

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