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Quantitative results


Follow these rules when entering results:

Cibule checks the results after submitting the form. If the result is unexpected (e.g. you enter the concentration of Na in serum 12 mmol/L), Cibule warns you, but accepts the result. Any correction of the result must be made by the participant.

If you cannot specify the result (e.g. breakage of the sample), enter -1.

If the result lies outside the measuring range of your measuring system, follow these steps:

Procedure in case of high concentration of the analyte
If the concentration of an analyte is above the upper limit of the measuring range of your measuring system, report the result of the measurement of the diluted sample only if you normally apply the dilution procedure when measuring patient samples. However, if you do not use dilution when measuring patient samples, then do not dilute the sample giving the upper limit of your measuring range as a result (see above).
Reporting the results at the time of the transitional concurrence of two modifications of reagents of one manufacturer to measure the same analyte
If you have the information from the manufacturer of the kit that the process of kit replacement is currently running (new generation, reassignation, restandardisation, recalibration, etc.) and thus in the time of the EQA round there are in laboratories currently used various modifications the kit that can provide different results, specify in the note to the round what modification of the kit you used for obtaining results of specific test (briefly as a free-text in the format: test, kit manufacturer, and the description of the kit modification).


In some tests you can enter also uncertainties of individual results. Follow these rules when entering results:

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