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Results review and printing

The menu item EQA results - View takes you to a list of all EQA rounds for which there are given any results in the active year (regardless of whether the round is still running or has ended). To view the results the user does not need any special permission (results can be viewed by any user of the department that has access to the Cibule). By choosing EQA round you will display appropriate results including the comment to the round.
Basic information concerning the test (codes M, R, P, K, S) are given as a numerical codes (for clarity). If you hover the mouse pointer over any code, the text appears explaining what the code means.

Perform printing of the results using standard tools (i.e. by selecting Print in the menu of your browser) and keep the printed page! In case of any unexpected problems it will be a proof of when and what kind of results you properly entered in the Cibule.

Do not print results during their entry! Always first enter all results of the round, then go to the menu EQA results - View, here choose the appropriate EQA round and print the results.

Application Cibule
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