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Basic information about the test

Except for very rare exceptions Cibule requires to enter in addition to the results also the basic information about the test as a whole. The following list contains the list of all possible basic information - fortunately there is no EQA round in which you have to specify all these items - always it is some subset of the following list:

*) If any list (index of manufacturers, systems, ...) does not contain the item you need, then select "Another ... " (e.g. another measuring principle, another producer, another system ...) in the list and explain it in a note on the round (e.g. describe the measurement principle used, specify the name of the manufacturer, specify the name of the measuring system, ...). If the item is included among KBI (see below), then entering of the note with description is mandatory!

Please note that specifying (entering) of all required information (i.e. not only the results, but also basic information about the test according to the list above) is absolutely necessary!

Key basic information (KBI)
Some basic information can be labelled as key. This means that the results of the test for which the corresponding key information is not entered, are not accepted and processed. If there are defined some key basic information in a given round for some tests, those are always stated in the documentation of that round.

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