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Welcome to the application Cibule

This application is intended for registered participants of EQA system. It is used to enter test information and test results.
To log in, you need credentials. These you will receive after binding registration in the EQA system.

In case of lost password, select Forgotten password in the menu and follow the instructions (using this function assumes that you have entered your personal data correctly in the application - contact us if you fail).

After successful login you can work with this application in maximum 60 minutes - than you will be automatically logged out. If needed you can log in immediately after automatic logout.
Do not forget to log out after finishing the work.

If you are first time at this page, read the help before starting - it is brief and reading it you can avoid confusion or misunderstanding.

Note: You must enable cookies and JavaScript to allow this application run properly (both functions are enabled by default in most browsers). This application uses only session cookies and does not use profiling cookies for the purposes of sending targeted advertisements.

Application Cibule, version 1.52
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